Create beautiful patterns at your fingertips! Particlescape is an interactive particle and gravity simulator designed to be as beautiful as possible and to create an organic link between fingertips and screen.

The rules are simple:

– Touch to generate particles.
– Double-tap-hold to use gravity.
– Shake device to change options.

Sensitive to up to 10 simultaneous touches on iPad (5 on iPhone/iPod Touch)*, the visual possibilities are limitless.


– Generate up to 1000 particles per second per touch. Feel like you’re magically summoning particles from the ether.
– Particles in high-density regions are rendered at higher resolution (smaller point size), to bring out finer detail.
– Extensive optimizations throughout to support a maximum of 80,000 particles on screen!

*By default Particlescape is sensitive to only 2 simultaneous touches, but can be upgraded with in-app purchase to support the maximum.


5 comments on “Description

  1. I downloaded this app. I think it is pretty cool and very relaxing.

    I did the in-app upgrade on my iPad which is great, but when I try to get more touches on my iPhone 5, the app is wanting to charge my iTunes account again for another upgrade. I don’t get it. I thought once I purchased the upgrade it would be good on all applicable devices?

    If possible I would like a response on why it is asking for more money for an upgrade that I have already purchased.

    One update I would like to see is the option to have each touch of the screen be a different color instead of picking just one color hue. I think it would have more of a fireworks look with all of the different colors exploding or imploding. Just a thought from a non-programmer.

    • It’s been a couple of years since I looked at the API, but my recollection is that Apple’s API made it extraordinarily difficult or impossible to automatically give the second device the upgrade after paying for it on a first. That’s why in other apps with similar systems you see a “Restore” button but I decided against that at the time because I was going for a simple UI and wanted to avoid another button that wouldn’t have any effect for the users who decided not to purchase the upgrade. You probably saw the note that was intended to mitigate this concern. If you go ahead with the “purchase,” you should immediately receive a popup notification that says that you already purchased it and that should enable the upgrade on the second device without a second charge – at least that’s what happened when I tested this a few years ago, and I doubt that has changed.


  2. Ive downloaded the app and i love it but i cant find out how to change the options. I shake iit, the menu comes up but the sliders arent there, help please?

    • This is the first I’ve heard of that problem. What version of iOS are you using, and what device? The app has been stable for almost 4 years but it’s always possible that Apple will change the underlying API in newer versions of iOS, which would require me to fix the bug and release a new version.

      • I have this same issue. iOS 8.4, iPad mini. I do have the upgrade but they were never there even before I got it. Turns out they are there, but invisible…?
        Any ideas?

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