An update

Just wanted to write a little note to mention that I fully intend to devote some time to releasing an update to Particlescape that would allow it to take advantage of the faster hardware and more diverse screen aspect ratios that have come out since the original release. For the next few months though, I’m going to be pretty busy (we’re moving into a house and having our third baby at nearly the same time!) So this update would probably happen several months after that at earliest. Just wanted to let people know that I still intend on updating Particlescape!

By particlescape

5 comments on “An update

  1. The app is excellent, but I’ve been encountering some bugs. First one: after some time, the app will stop responding to my touches. I can shake the device to bring up the menu, but can’t close it. It’s not my phone, because my other apps are fine. Another one: when I look at the mages of the app in the store, there are sliders in the menu to change the hue and such. This does not appear for me. Other than this, the app is excellent and I use it frequently. Keep up the good work!

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