First week sales report

After a week on the app store, I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of downloads: almost 1000, and happy with the percentage of people who purchase the upgrade: a bit more than 2%. Apple provides me with the number of downloads and sales each day, and here’s a chart of downloads.

What I don’t quite understand is why there’s a bump when the app is released at all. The number of apps on the app store is enormous and it’s almost impossible to get noticed unless either you’re a featured app by Apple, or were the subject of a search term that someone was specifically looking for. About half a day after my app was released I noticed that my app was about #500 on the list of new apps, so I doubt that people found my app by looking at the list of new apps. (How did you find Particlescape?)

If you like Particlescape, please remember to rate it 5 stars and maybe write a nice review too! Thanks to the two people who have already written nice reviews and the one person in Switzerland, and to the handful of other star-only reviewers. There’s an Appirater bomb that should go off next week, so I’m curious to see what the effects of that will be. If the results are interesting, and I hope they will be, I’ll talk about it then. But in the meantime, if you like the app, please rate it 5 stars, and be sure to tell your friends, ipad buddies, blogs, facebooks, twitters, and legions of fans about Particlescape!

By particlescape

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